While we are sunsetting the free password verification tool, we have some good news. 4iQ and Hacked-emails.com have teamed up to improve the speed and velocity at which we find and curate breach data. You can now check for your email exposures in our hacked-emails.com portal. Hacked-emails has ~160 leaks found, and over 8.3 Billion security breaches containing exposed emails --- and growing.

To check for your email exposures, visit hacked-emails.com and enter your email to request, we will verify that you submitted your request using the email entered in the portal. Once you verify the request, you can click from your email back to hacked-emails to view the breaches where your email has been exposed. If your email address comes up positive for any breach, this doesn't necessarily mean that your security has been compromised. We use an automatic process but verification requires review by a human being...or...you. Take a look at the published information and check the real impact it has on your email. Then, you can make sure you change and make unique your passwords accordingly.

Note that we take your security and privacy seriously. We only store your email during the verification process. Also, the verification link will automatically expire within 24 hours.

To learn more about 4iQ and hacked-emails joining forces, read our blog. You will be redirected to hacked-emails.com in seconds.